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(Recorded Live April 14, 2016)





An Educational Webinar (Recorded Live) by Scott M. Moore, Attorney at Law, New York, an introduction to Domestic and International Indigenous Land Trust concepts as present day options to help reverse the historical dispossession of Indigenous Peoples of their Homelands and Societies during the Colonization period.

  • EXPLAINS the basic components of a land trust.
  • EXPLAINS why governments' historical and present day denial of Indigenous Peoples recognition, and use of treaties and land into trust mechanisms to transfer land title to the government, violates the 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention.
  • EXPLAINS how Indigenous Land Trusts are different and may help rebuild traditional Indigenous territories and societies, and promote self-determination.
  • REAL world examples of domestic and international societal land trusts.
  • REAL world examples of how Decolonization under the United Nations Charter from 1945 to 1994 has resulted in territories achieving self-determination.
  • Includes visual presentations on USA President Thomas Jefferson's 1803 letter detailing America's "Final Consolidation" Indian Policy, UN Genocide Convention, UN CERD treaty, and UN 2002 Human Rights Report on USA.

Copyright 2016 Moore International Law PLLC. All Rights Reserved.

US $10

An Educational Webinar (Recorded) by Scott M. Moore, Attorney at Law, New York, on U.S. Indian Treaty Policy & Practice, and U.N. Solutions.

  • EXPLAINS the legal mechanisms used by Colonial Powers in North America from 1492 to 1945 to dispossess Indigenous Peoples of their homelands, and the subsequent end of Colonialism under the U.N. Charter by the outlawing of genocide as an international crime in 1948.
  • EXPLAINS in particular the use of the U.S. treaty mechanism, under European pressure, as a legal method to implement President Thomas Jefferson's Final Consolidation Indian Policy to dispossess Indians of their homelands.
  • EXPLAINS how the U.S. Constitution was misinterpreted during the Slavery Era (when slavery was constitutionally protected) to grant power to Congress over Indian Tribes as "domestic dependent nations", and why this legal holding today still violates the international law human rights of Indigenous Peoples under the U.N. CERD and other Human Rights treaties, and needs to be reversed.
  • EXPLAINS the practical option of filing a human rights complaint for U.S. violation of Indian Treaties with the U.N. High Commissioner of Human Rights in Geneva, and the 100% success rate of CERD accepted Indian human rights complaints to date.

Copyright 2016 Moore International Law PLLC. All Rights Reserved.

US $10