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  • Due Diligence
  • Import and Export Controls
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  • Citizenship and Immigration - U.S. Visas of all types, including Permanant Residency (Green Card), removal and deportation defense, asylum
  • International Import/Export, Distribution, Investment, Joint-Venture, and Confidentiality Contracts
  • Treaty and Sovereignty Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • United Nations Human Rights

Broadly speaking, private international law is that body of law which applies to the movement of people and goods across national boundaries.

Public international law is that body of law which applies to conduct between governments. 

In our everyday lives, all people wherever found on earth are impacted by the public and private international body of laws.

The private and public international body of laws may be in written form or may be in place by custom and practice. Since World War II, the United Nations, replacing the earlier League of Nations, has been and remains the primary impetus and depository of many of these laws.



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